Decoration for dinnerware.
Prototype 2009.

The plates are coloured on the underside of the rim. This colour is not seen directly, but is reflected onto the table or onto another plate underneath, and is merely seen as a coloured shadow. You may not notice this subtle decoration at first glance; hence it may come as a surprise when you finally notice it.

Every plate is unique. The rims are hand painted, and small masked out butterflies are hiding in the colour to give you an extra greeting when you turn the plate to see where the coloured shadow comes from. For use in restaurants the pattern can easily be customized.

The prototype of the decoration was made by Figgjo on Figgjo’s set Europa, designed by Olav Joa.

A similar decoration was made on commission from Mathallen Oslo in 2012.

Photo credits: Kristine Bjaadal