Small scale production 2016.
Available at Le Bon Marche (Paris) and Astrup Fearnley Museet Shop (Oslo).

Immer is a series of ceramic bowls and plates for everyday use. The bowls can be used for serving food like tapas, jam, snacks, salt, condiments etc. They can also be used for storage of small objects all around the house; on your desktop, bathroom or hall table – or as a home for small succulents. The plates serves as platters, trivets or as podiums for decorative objects.

Some of the bowls are made from slip cast porcelain, others from stoneware. The stoneware is pressed into shape in plaster moulds – the same moulds used for the casting – two very different techniques used in the same moulds.

The plates are made from stone ware and are post fire polished – resulting in a distinct smooth need-to-touch surface.

Hand made at Studio Prindsen in Oslo.

Photo credits: Illusion Photography/Linn Ellevseth

  • november 2016