Cup and tray for coffee.
Prototype 2012.

Where getting yourself a cup of coffee usually meant giving yourself a break in your everyday life, it is now something you do with your left hand while checking your e-mails with your right. The tactility of Svale cup and tray calls you back to the physical world. The handleless cup forces you to be more focused on the action; you can feel the heat from the content, and let your fingers play with the embossed lines. The wooden tray gives a hint to finer occasions, and hence a feeling of treating yourself.

Svale  (Norwegian for the bird Swallow) is inspired by the Oslo coffeehouse Fuglen (translated “the bird”), established in 1963. The coffeehouse is well known for its high quality coffee and its focus on Scandinavian 50s and 60s design. Fuglen opened their second café in Shibuya, Tokyo in May 2012.

Photo credits: Ellen Johanne Jarli